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The company KnigoPrima, established in 1990, is one of the leading companies providing accounting services in Republic of Macedonia. Over the years, in keeping with the trends, KnigoPrima has grown into a company that besides basic accounting services also provides financial reporting, internal reporting and auditing, tax consulting, commercial law legal services, individual consulting in the field of finance as well as employment services on behalf of clients. Although it operates on the territory of Macednoia, some of its clients are also renowned worldwide companies.



Quality, education, digitization, business advisor .

First Decade
Second Decade
Third Decade

First Decade

The main idea behind the formation of the company Knigo Prima (“Book” – records, “Prima” first) in the nineties of the last century was to establish a company that provides accounting and finance services to small and medium sized enterprises, companies that were just established in our country. At that time we were working and living in a society where companies needed new insights, and the goal of our…

Second Decade

Our company has teamed up with licensed computer equipment and data processing software to provide reliable, efficient and timely service.  We have been following the rapid technological development , regularly updating our computer equipment with newer generations of computers, in order to provide reliable accounting records for our clients.

In order to be as accessible as possible to our customers, suppliers and potential customers of our services we have set…

Third Decade

Quality, education, digitalization, respected business advisor, core values of our mission that started in 1990 and are still developing and growing.

The quality of our services is based on continuous education which is the result of regular visits to workshops and seminars home and abroad.  Here we would mention: participating in the work of the Brussels-based International Accounting Professional Development Forum, workshops held in London, Athens, Belgrade, Cyprus and Malta.…

We are


Our mission is to provide quality services and satisfied customers, lower operating volume, and more standardized and digital procedures that lead to greater commitment to customer needs, more analysis being that it is a pillar of quality management decision making. Reliability and confidentiality are the motto of our work, and digitalization is our common goal.



The clients of KnigoPrima are from the private, public and non-governmental sectors with which the Company performs its services based on specific engagement and specified contracts. Our employees possess high professional competencies, professional and scientific titles: authorized accountants, tax advisors, financial forensic expert, masters and lawyer with a bar exam. All are certified authorized accountants and certified accountants.



For its clients continuous informational materials are prepared covering current accounting and financial topics, as well as business law and fiscal matters.